Honey, That's Mine!

The Sweet Board Game for iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch

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Three game variations and three bee types make for a game that's easy to learn and challenging to master, with a deceptively deep strategy. Amass your honey pile using baskets, bravery, and of course, your brains!

  • Join up to three of your friends in a multiplayer game on a single device
  • Share an iPad on a flat surface such as a table, just like a normal board game
  • Pass an iPhone or iPod Touch between players to play nearly anywhere
  • Practice against the computer in a single player game you can enjoy anytime
  • Master all the bee types: the no-buzz basic bee; the bucket bee, a born collector; and the brave bee, a good pal to have in a tight spot
  • Increase the depth and complexity of play with three game variations
  • Hilarious bee characters, vibrant graphics, and tons of replayability
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